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Loud & Proud Sound & Lighting Hire

Loud and Proud Music Recording and Rehearsal
Studio Queensland now open!!!

We have 23 years experience mixing live bands. Record your next album with someone who has experience and knows the business! Read more about our brand new music recording studio here.

LOUD AND PROUD PA & LIGHTING HIRE are unashamably proud to be loud! Loud & Proud provide PA Hire, Sound System Hire and Lighting Hire for live bands, outdoor concerts, rock bands, jazz bands, parties and conferences etc across Queensland and northern NSW, Australia.

Loud and Proud PA & Lighting Hire offer a range of sound system packages for live music acts. Each sound system can be custom build to suit your musical and loudness requirements.

We supply state-of-the-art equipment whether you need sound and light equipment for a small party, a conference or a large band function, Loud & Proud will deliver to suit your needs for your event. Loud & Proud will deliver sound and lighting equipment for:

• pub rock & roll bands
• outdoor rock, jazz and folk festivals
• Conference audio sound systems
• Powered speakers on stands
• Cordless microphone hire
• Small to large sound system hire

We always supply a professional sound & lighting engineer with the every sound system hire which is included in the price

PA Hire / Sound System package deals can be designed for your band or music group. Light show and extra crew are also available.

For PA Hire / Sound System hire enquiries and pricing please contact us.

Come and see us at the Tamworth Country Music Festival for PA, Sound and Lighting hire this January. See us at the Albert Hotel, Long Yard Hotel and the Imperial Hotel in Tamworth.